McKnight’s Sermon on the Mount Commentary

This fall I am excited to be teaching an exegesis course on the Gospel of Matthew (my first time on this book!). I have been beefing up my Synoptics literature and getting acquainted with the best commentaries (just bought ICC and Talbert’s Paideia). But I was particularly excited to see that the Story of God Bible Commentary series (Zondervan) will release its first two volumes this fall – the Sermon on the Mount (Scot McKnight) and Philippians (Lynn Cohick). Editors for the series are McKnight and Tremper Longman. I think both inaugural volumes will be out in time for SBL.

Here are some other future authors slated for the series

Mike Bird on Romans

Love Sechrest on 2 Corinthians

Joel Willitts on Galatians

John Dickson on James

Mark D. Roberts on Ephesians

Justin Hardin on 1 Corinthians

John Byron on 1 & 2 Thessalonians

Paul S Evans on 1 & 2 Samuel

Dennis R Edwards on 1 Peter

Beth M. Stovell on Minor Prophets

David T Lamb on 1 & 2 Kings


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