Scottish Journal of Theology 66.3 (Aug 2013)

The latest issue of the Scottish Journal of Theology has been published online. The ToC is listed below. For this issue, I wrote a review on the lecture collection by E. Kaesemann called On Being a Disciple of the Crucified Nazarene. It is an inspiration read (the book, not my review!), if you are interested.


“Ezekiel’s Awkward God: Atheism, Idolatry and the Via Negativa” (Andrew Mein)

“The ‘Sophiological’ Origins of Vladimir Lossky’s Apophaticism” (Brandon Gallaher)

“Actualism and Beauty: Karl Barth’s Insistence on the Auch in his Account of Divine Beauty” (William T. Barnett”

“‘An Extraordinarily Acute Embarrassment’: The Doctrine of Angels in Barth’s Göttingen Dogmatics” (Donald Wood)

“Christological Foundations for an Ecological Ethic: Learning from Bonhoeffer” (Benjamin J. Burkholder)


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