JSNT September 2013 now online

What looks to be another enticing set of article in JSNT.

John Anthony Dunne “Suffering in Vain: A Study of the Interpretation of ΠΑΣΧΩ in Galatians 3.4”

Allan T. Georgia “Translating the Triumph: Reading Mark’s Crucifixion Narrative against a Roman Ritual of Power”

Wendy E.S. North “‘Lord, if you had been here …’ (John 11.21): The Absence of Jesus and Strategies of Consolation in the Fourth Gospel”

Walter T. Wilson “The Uninvited Healer: Houses, Healing and Prophets in Matthew 8.1-22”

Thomas Schmeller “No Bridge over Troubled Water? The Gap between 2 Corinthians 1–9 and 10–13 Revisited”

Craig R. Koester “Rethinking the Ethics of John: A Review Article”