Barth on Hitler’s Dream and the Church’s Protest

This short video clip, my first glimpse of Karl Barth on video, is a perfect example of the power of the imagination, and the need for the Church to protest through a compelling counter-vision of reality.


Wright’s HOW GOD BECAME KING = $3.99 Kindle

Its true. Let me say, this is definitely one of my favorite Wright books. I think his whole approach to the Gospels and creed is persuasive. My students felt that he provided more information than is necessary to argue his underlying theses (thus making the reading a bit tedious for them), but they felt it to be a valuable book nonetheless.

UPDATE: Surprised by Hope is presently $1.99! 

Details on Forthcoming Beale Festschrift

This fall, Hendrickson will publish a Festschrift for G.K. Beale entitled From Creation to New Creation: Biblical Theology and Exegesis, co-edited by Benjamin L. Gladd and Daniel M. Gurtner.

I was able to get a sneak peek of the book and it will contain over a dozen essays from a number of well-respected evangelical scholars such as Daniel Block, C. Hassell Bullock, John Currid, Gordon Hugenberger, Richard Bauckham, Roy Ciampa, Dan Gurter, Doug Moo, Nick Perrin, Rikk Watts, and D.A. Carson. Theologian David F. Wells has written the foreword.

When the book has been properly published, I will share more about the individual chapters. For now, I will say that, while I don’t share with Beale the same enthusiasm for the defense of an inerrantist position on Scripture, I have admired his work in Biblical Theology and exegesis. When I was at Gordon-Conwell, Beale had already moved on to Wheaton. However, he had a majorimpact on the Bible program (and still does, I imagine).

For the main exegetical method course all MDIV students took, we were required to purchase a stack of papers called the “Beale packet” – charts, and steps, and methods developed and promoted by Beale at GCTS, and copied out and re-distributed by other faculty. His passion for meticulous exegesis was the stuff of legend.

For some basic information on the book, see here.