The Apocalyptic Paul…Is Coming!

Borne out of a conference a little while back at Princeton Theological Seminary, this collection of essays, called The Apocalyptic Paul (Baylor University Press), focuses on Romans 5-8. Even the briefest glance at the list of chapters and contributors demonstrates that this will be a substantial volume on Paul! It is expected for release in early October. Gaventa, the editor, is now teaching at Baylor and is still working on a commentary on Romans (WJK, NTL series). At eight chapters, this is on the shorter end of Pauline books these days, but I am sure quality trumps quantity in this case!

Preface (Beverly Roberts Gaventa)

1. Paul’s Mythologizing Program in Romans 5–8 (Martinus C. de Boer)

2. Righteousness, Cosmic and Microcosmic (Stephen Westerholm)

3. A Tale of Two Gardens: Augustine’s Narrative Interpretation of Romans 5 (Benjamin Myers)

4. Under Grace: The Christ-Gift and the Construction of a Christian Habitus (John M. G. Barclay)

5. The Shape of the “I”: The Psalter, the Gospel, and the Speaker in Romans 7 (Beverly Roberts Gaventa)

6. Double Participation and the Responsible Self in Romans 5–8 (Susan Eastman)

7. The Love of God Is a Sovereign Thing: The Witness of Romans 8:31-39 and the Royal Office of Jesus Christ (Philip G. Ziegler)

8. Creation, Cosmos, and Conflict in Romans 8–9 (Neil Elliott)

Afterword: The Human Moral Drama (J. Louis Martyn)