October 2013 New Testament Studies Issue

The Oct 2013 NTS issue is now online.

I would like to point out that there are a number of Durham connections in this issue: Bond, Goodrich, Frayer-Griggs, and Linebaugh are all grads – yay!

“Dating the Death of Jesus: Memory and the Religious Imagination” (Helen K Bond)

“Sold under Sin: Echoes of Exile in Romans 7.14-25” (John K Goodrich)

“The (In)frequency of the Name ‘Erastus’ in Antiquity: A Literary, Papyrological, and Epigraphical Catalog,” (Timothy A Brookins)

“Neither Proof Text nor Proverb: The Instrumental Sense of dia and the Soteriological Function of Fire in 1 Corinthians 3.15″ (Daniel Frayer-Griggs)

“The Christo-Centrism of Faith in Christ: Martin Luther’s Reading of Galatians 2.16, 19-20” (Jonathan A. Linebaugh)

“Hapax legomena: Definition eines terminus technicus und Signifikanz für eine pragmatisch orientierte Sprachanalyse” (Thomas J. Kraus)

“The Place of the Gospel of Philip in the Context of Early Christian Claims about Jesus’ Marital Status” (Karen L. King)

“Papyrus 32 (Titus) as a Multi-text Codex: A New Reconstruction” (Emily Gathergood)