What is your favorite commentary on 1-2 Thessalonians?

I am embarking on research for a commentary on 1-2 Thessalonians (New Covenant Commentary) over the next couple of years. I will spend year one mostly getting my hands dirty with the Greek text and some lexical and grammatical aids. However, I will continue to collect good resources. For a shorter commentary, I cannot read every commentary cover-to-cover, so I will try and limit myself to 9  commentaries which I will examine in detail.

I plan on reading Donfried’s soon-coming ICC volume, especially because it will be up-to-date on bibliography, and his work has been so influential in general in the study of the Thessalonian epistles. I have in mind to read, also,  Gaventa, Malherbe, Bruce, and a variety of voices from the ancient church (thanks to ACCS and Blackwell “Through the Centuries). Aside from that, I am “open.”

Please offer your perspective in the comments. It is most helpful if you name your favorite commentary and why you think it is so useful, illuminating, unique, or eminent. If you simply list a name or commentary series, it is not as helpful to me. But please do not be shy!