Mike Bird on the Atonement

Yes, I am yet another ZonderFan of Mike Bird’s new Evangelical Theology. As I will say in a soon-coming review, I usually find systematic theologies a snore-fest, but I find Mike’s work very engaging, easy to read, and visually appealing (great charts and sidebars). Here is a nice quotable-bit on the atonement:

…the atonement is the climax of God’s project to put the world to right through the cross of Jesus. The atonement brings God’s people into God’s place under God’s reign to share in God’s holy, loving glory on account of the love demonstrated in the cross and the justice satisfied on the cross (p. 421).


4 thoughts on “Mike Bird on the Atonement

  1. What systematic theologies are you referring to? There are plenty of snorefest theologies, but as a “systematic theologian” I feel the same way about parts of NT Studies! I don’t want to go so far as to say that you like Bird because he’s a NT scholar writing theology. He’s also quite engaging. So hence why I’m curious who you’re comparing him to

    1. Jordan – sorry, man! I hate to “name names,” but we used Millard Erickson in seminary and I just couldn’t get into it. Also, we read several books from “Contours of Christian Theology” series and I seriously struggled to stay focused. But, I will say that I really enjoyed Migliore’s Faith Seeking Understanding. Also, you are right that it probably means something that Bird is a NT scholar and Biblical theologian by trade! I am not too ashamed to admit that… His is a nice bridging work to get folks like me more engaged with what real “theologians” are talking about. I was asked by a high-profile Christian philosopher who my favorite “theologian” was -I said N.T. Wright. He said – “He is good, but he is not a theologian.” (!)

      1. No need to be sorry, I definitely understand what you’re saying. And it’s nothing personal if you struggled to stay engaged with a book/author. I’d agree that Bird is providing a good bridge. I hope, too, that he’s not shot down simply because he is a NT scholar

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