Having Fun with Crux Sola Search Terms (Gupta)

Ok, every few years I look at WordPress’ list of search terms and phrases that got readers to our site (Crux Sola). Its 11PM, and I am bored, so this should be fun. I will show the phrase that was searched on Google, and then I will respond to it (as if I am helping the searcher).

What are the resources behind the gospel of john

ANSWER: move your gospel of john book on the shelf and see if there is something behind it.

Four views of Adam

ANSWER: headshot, candid, mugshot, and…Heisman pose.

Why Jesus Willimon

ANSWER: What Willimon’s mother said to him as a boy when he was in trouble

Should you get a phd in biblical studies

ANSWER: Buy my book. But no.

What Bible scholars affirm evolution

ANSWER: Tough to answer because they’re always changing (bud-dum-dum-chi!)

Simply Jesus Spark Notes

ANSWER: Really?

Did the Romans Say Caesar is Lord

ANSWER: Probably not in English. (Sorry, not in American English)

Nijay Guptay blog

ANSWER: (….) (eye-roll)

Brill Royalties

ANSWER: Any royalties would be “brill”!

How to get a phd no study

ANSWER: Read some bad monographs and work your way backwards in the author’s life

What do bible college professors make

ANSWER: Very articulate applications for supplementary income jobs

I want to be a theology professor

ANSWER: Google is not Siri. You know that, right?

Pool of lamprey eels

ANSWER: How in the world would that get you here….oh, wait, see here.


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