Wayne Coppins’ New Blog (Skinner)

CoppinsPicPlease forgive my tardiness on this one, but last night I discovered Wayne Coppins’ promising new blog, German for Neutestamentler. Prof. Coppins describes his project as follows:

This blog will be primarily devoted to matters pertaining to the translation of German New Testament scholarship. I hope that students, scholars, and fellow translators will find it useful for their own efforts to read and translate German texts. I am still thinking through the kinds of things that I hope to do on this blog, but for the moment I think that it will include at least seven types of posts, namely posts devoted to “words and phrases”, posts devoted to “model sentences”, posts devoted to “key quotations”, posts devoted to “research assistance”, posts devoted to “German scholars”, posts devoted to problems for which I seek “help!”, and occasional “reflections” on translation or others issues pertaining to (German) New Testament scholarship.

I LOVE this idea and I think the project could prove especially useful for undergraduate students (like the ones I teach) who do not yet know German, as well as graduate students in the early stages of their program. Let’s be honest, many of us have let our French and/or German get rusty since those graduate school days. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does on this promising new site. Welcome to the blogsophere, Wayne!