Go over to Logos Academic Blog for More of My Top 50 NT Books (Gupta)

Currently, I (Nijay) am doing series of blog posts on 50 NT books everyone should read. The first post was on Gospels/Jesus area. Today the post is on Paul. Check it out here.

A nice added bonus, Logos is featuring a special sale on a great collection of Paul books – 50% off – use the code NGPAUL at checkout. See the bottom of my blog post at Logos for details.

6 thoughts on “Go over to Logos Academic Blog for More of My Top 50 NT Books (Gupta)

    1. Thanks – I will be listening to Fee’s Galatians lectures (Regent audio) after I am done with John Barclay’s Galatians lectures (also Regent audio)!

  1. I think that I’d be inclined to encourage people to try something a bit more interpretative as well. Probably Dale Martin’s The Corinthian Body as one of the better examples of a reading which challenges a great deal of the thinking which tames Paul to a right-on emerging evangelical.

      1. They do, but I think Martin offers historical reading which nonetheless approaches more of a contemporary cultural studies / queer theology / reader response approach than most. I think it’s that which makes his reading more challenging.

  2. Ah yes, now I gotcha. Gaventa’s work in Our Mother Saint Paul gets at some of that – I don’t particularly like Martin’s work, but I do appreciate works in general that think carefully about the reader and broader questions about the location and determination of ‘meaning.’

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