Festschrift for Grant R. Osborne (Book Notice) (Skinner)

Osborne FSI have just finished reviewing the Festschrift for Grant Osborne, edited by Stan Porter and Eckhard Schnabel. I really liked the particular focus of this volume, though I don’t think it will have the wider appeal that some Festschriften have. Having edited a Festschrift myself, I know that it is important to identify a specific focus or several foci in the honoree’s scholarship around which to center the book’s essays. The title of this volume is On the Writing of New Testament Commentaries, and contains 21 chapters devoted to the topic of writing commentaries on different biblical texts. While this won’t appeal to all readers and reviewers, it is interesting to those like me who hope to one day write a commentary, along with others who already have. The book is filled with insights and interesting tidbits from seasoned authors. The book, no doubt, also serves as a fitting tribute to Prof. Obsorne. During his 40-year career, Osborne has published a dozen books, including two full-scale commentaries (Revelation and Matthew) and four less technical commentaries (Romans, John, Mark, and James/1-2 Peter/Jude).

Of the 20 contributors to this volume, 17 have experience writing at least one commentary, while most have made a career out of the commentary-writing enterprise. The book is divided into five sections:

(1) Commentaries and Exegesis (with chapters from Eckhard Schnabel, Stan Porter, Doug Moo, Craig Blomberg, Douglas Huffman, and Craig Evans)

(2) Commentaries and the Hermeneutical Task (with chapters from Don Carson, Daniel Block, David Pao, Robert Yarbrough, Walter Liefield, and Scott Manetsch)

(3) Commentaries and Theology (with chapters from Kevin Vanhoozer, Daniel Treier, and Linda Belleville)

(4) Commentaries on the Gospels, Epistles, and Revelation (with chapters from Darrell Bock, Stan Porter, Scot McKnight, and Lois Fuller Dow)

(5) Commentaries and Publishers (with only one chapter written by Daniel Reid, longtime editor at InterVarsity Press).

For my money, the fourth section is the most instructive and interesting. Congratulations to Prof. Osborne!


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