Check out “Can We Still Believe the Bible” Blog Tour (Gupta)


Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary) has authored a book called Can We Still Believe the Bible? An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions (Brazos, 2014). Baker/Brazos has arranged for a “Blog Tour” for this book and I am fortunate to be participating in this alongside a number of evangelical magnates like Dan Wallace, Lee Martin McDonald, Darrell Bock, Mike Bird, David Capes, and Craig Keener – and presumably Craig Blomberg himself!

My focal point is chapter five of the book: “Aren’t Several Narrative Genres of the Bible Unhistorical?” I look forward to engaging Craig on this very interesting question. While I have long appreciated Craig’s work, and I identify myself happily as an evangelical, I happen to be one of the few on this blog tour not of the ETS variety, so that might spice up the conversation!

Please consider following the tour. My post will come on March 25 (Tuesday).

Giveaway: It gets better! In conjunction with this blog tour, Brazos is doing a giveaway for a slew of excellent books. Check out the dedicated website here.

I call this event: Craig BLOGberg Fest 2014!


2 thoughts on “Check out “Can We Still Believe the Bible” Blog Tour (Gupta)

  1. Nijay,
    I’m curious to hear more about what you mean by “not of the ETS variety…”?

    Makes me feel like I either don’t know ETS (or don’t know you!) as well as I thought I did! 😉


    1. Michael – I don’t want to get ahead of my blog tour discussion, but I will say that I have serious misgivings with the Chicago statement and I feel that ETS has not gone out of their way to help women and persons from non-reformed or non-baptist traditions (methodist, episcopal, AG, anabaptist, etc.) feel welcome and encouraged towards senior leadership. I think this is a problem. Also, I think the infamous “Gundry/Geisler” debacle (which Blomberg talks about at length in the book, actually) has cast a pall over the society in a way that represents a dangerous precedent for power-playing.

      Now, that does not mean I am against ETS completely. Folks like Edwin Yamauchi rank quite highly in my book and he has been a supporter and officer of ETS. If Dr. Y supports it, it must have merit. Still, if I am going to spend my academic energy, I much prefer to do it in the broader evangelical realm of the Institute for Biblical Research – esp where I sit on the board with a good balance of men and women as well as a careful representation of minorities. Tremper Longman has taken over leadership of IBR, and he is the perfect president for IBR.

      Final comment – I did participate in ETS by invitation of Linda Belleville to be a part of a review session of Wright’s Justification book. Linda was great, but otherwise I did not feel like what I had to say (from a Wesleyan perspective) was appreciated by very many.

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