Some Good Advice for Those Thinking of a PhD in Biblical Studies (Skinner)

I just ran across this insightful post by Joseph Ryan Kelly over at kolhaadam. Nearly every year I have a student or two express the desire to puruse a PhD in the field of Biblical studies, and nearly every time I end up having to provide a long list of “cons” just to make sure I have covered all of the potential pitfalls. I am very passionate about what I do and I really want to encourage my students as they develop that same passion. That said, I want to err on the side of realism. Those of us who have spent any time in the job cycle know how difficult it can be to languish as an underpaid adjunct with a highly specialized terminal degree while 50 or 60 of us compete over a handful of open positions each year. Kelly writes along these lines and also offers a few helpful perspectives on the infusion of interdisciplinary interests and backgrounds in the field of Biblical studies.


2 thoughts on “Some Good Advice for Those Thinking of a PhD in Biblical Studies (Skinner)

  1. Thank you for posting this.

    As an aspiring scholar with hopes of teaching one day in a university setting, is the more realistic option functioning as a part-time adjunct instructor at a local college while … doing something else unrelated to biblical studies and ancient history?


    Joseph Meyer

    1. (I couldn’t find a separate ‘contact us’ page and I couldn’t edit my first comment. As a web developer, you will want to ensure a URL is applied to your book “Character Studies and the Gospel of Mark” on your right sidebar widget. Right now, there is none attached.)

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