Video Segment of Paula Gooder on John’s Gospel (Gupta)

I am a big fan of the St Johns Nottingham Timeline Project, which offers segments of accessible scholarship on Youtube. Periodically, they upload more video segments, about Scripture, church history, and particular theologians and philosophers. Recently, they uploaded a nice little introduction to John’s Gospel by Paula Gooder. Paula is a gifted communicator and these kinds of videos are really helpful to use, for example, as supplements in an undergraduate or seminary introductory course (on the NT, or just the gospels), or even in a sunday school. I always try to find opportunities where students can do something other than just book reading (which can get tedious, and is only one type of learning style). I have also shown some of these segments in class to change things up a bit (for example, I recently used David Firth’s segment on 1 Samuel in class).



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