Introducing Logos’ Mobile Ed Courses (Gupta)

Logos Bible Software is great at creating innovative and helpful new content, not just books but now also video-based courses. This new line is called “Mobile Ed” and boasts an excellent array of instructors (people in New Testament like Craig Evans, Lynn Cohick, Darrell Bock, Jeannine Brown, David deSilva, David Garland, Joshua Jipp, Doug Moo, Jonathan Pennington, Joel Willitts, and Ben Witherington).

Here are five things you need to know about these courses:

Well-produced – Logos has pulled out all the stops to make sure this is slick, clear, easy to navigate, and fun to use.

Video and Text – the courses involve a series of very short videos segments that walk you through a subject. As a companion, the text of the videos is also supplied.

Integration with Logos Books¬†– the material of each “course” is integrated with the Logos system, so that it makes suggestions for further reading that point to resources in Logos (some you may have, others you may purchase).

Exams – these courses try to approximate a real instructional environment so that there are opportunities to take exams based on the material.

Resourcing/Training – Logos integrates teaching tools to learn how to study the subject using specific kinds of Logos resources to enhance your own personal study.

Who is this for?

Two thoughts on this. These are not full-blown seminary courses, they are more like something suitable for undergraduate and/or layperson training. I would imagine a pastor (with seminary training) requiring the younger pastoral staff, elders, and interns to work through some of these courses as pre-seminary or on-the-job training. If seminary is just not an option, this is not a bad (though limited) alternative.

But, point two, this is fun stuff for pastors (and even professors like me!) to use as refreshers on a number of topics – especially if I (a NT person) want to brush up on OT, or church history, or ethics or whatever. Logos sent a pack of courses to me to try out and review, and I have listened to these while I cook and mow the lawn. It is fun to be “taught” by some of my favorite scholars, and it just keeps my mind active while I do everyday activities. They have sought out outstanding teachers and communicators, so I have learned much just from these lecturers’ teaching approaches.

Future Plans

Logos is doing a lot of course development and they are lining up some advanced-topical courses as well as traditional survey-like ones. This is very exciting stuff and I expect that in a short while they will have something for just about everyone.

Below are a couple of video items: a demo, and a sample from Lynn Cohick.