Is N.T. Wright’s ICC Philippians Volume Coming in Nov ’14? (Gupta)

According to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., N.T. Wright’s ICC volume on Philippians is slated to be released this November (2014). Could that be possible given the recent release of Paul and the Faithfulness of God and the upcoming publication of his Paul and His Recent Interpreters?

(funny sidenote: stores were given as description copy for Wright’s Philippians volume the description from a summer 2014 release on Ecclesiastes by Stuart Weeks, but they forgot to change the wording, so the Philippians description actually talks about Ecclesiastes! Check it out)

If someone knows better that Wright’s anticipated volume will not see the light of day in 2014, please let us know.

(second sidenote: Wright doesn’t do a lot of technical commentary writing. The two that he has done – Colossians and Romans – have both been extremely well-received and are two of the best commentaries in existence on both of these books; he has long loved Philippians for a number of reasons, not least of which involves Paul’s theopolitical language; put simply, this commentary will be 600+ pages of goodness!)


4 thoughts on “Is N.T. Wright’s ICC Philippians Volume Coming in Nov ’14? (Gupta)

  1. Amazon has failed me in the past regrading the ICC. I was deceived into thinking that vol. 1 of Loveday’s Hebrews was coming out last fall. I asked a gentleman at the Bloomsbury both at SBL if this was the case. Answer: nope!

      1. ICC tends to be a loooong project, often upwards of 10 years in the making. I don’t think he planned on digging hard into it until after PFG was off his plate. I think he is devoting time now to ICC, but I wouldn’t hold my breath!

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