My Colossians Article Now Free Online (Gupta)

A few months back, I published an article with¬†Canadian Theological Review called “Beholding the Word of Christ: A Theological Reading of Colossians.” It is now available for free online from the publisher (thanks!).

This is my crack at theological interpretation of Scripture and a reading of Colossians especially sensitive to its socio-historical context, its canonical context, and its reception. I am especially interested in a Word/Torah vs. Idol dynamic in Col 3:16 and a righteous hearing vs. idolatrous seeing motif in the letter as a whole.

I got some strong pushback from my editorial reviewers especially because I present the theology in Colossians as (what appeared to them to be) a criticism of visual liturgy. This made me go back and sort this out, and I was able to finish the article with a reflection on this that still maintains the validity of visual liturgy.

Anyway, this piece has been accused of being too wide-ranging and unwieldy. Perhaps, but I hope that what I lost in precision I made up for in fresh thinking and creative explorations in canonical interpretation.


Pompeii: Back From the Dead – A Great 2011 Documentary on Netflix (Gupta)

Last night I watched a great documentary on Netflix called¬†Pompeii: Back from the Dead. It is from 2011, but it is new to me and the film is produced very well. The documentary talks about a (then) new discovery of a group of skeletons in a cellar that tells us scores and scores about these people’s diet, social customs, relative wealth, and even sex life. Some of the insights are summarized here. More info here.

If you have Netflix or access to this film otherwise, it is definitely worth the time!