SBL’s Bible Odyssey Has Launched (Skinner)

I am on a mini-vacation and Nijay is moving across the country, so it’s safe to say we’ve both been away from our emails the past few days and we may have missed a few things. When I opened up my email a few minutes ago I had received word that SBL’s Bible Odyssey has officially launched. This is a project that has been in the works for several years now and has involved many biblical scholars from across the world. Contributors had a chance to look at the site in advance a few weeks back. I was impressed. The site is attractive, well-organized, and contains many excellent essays.  I should also point out that both Nijay and I are contributors. He wrote the article on women leaders in the Philippian church and I contributed two pieces–one on the Beloved Disciple and one on 1 Corinthians 13 and Weddings. Check out the site when you have a chance. I think it will prove to be a very useful resource for the public.

One thought on “SBL’s Bible Odyssey Has Launched (Skinner)

  1. I have some comments for Nijay concerning his piece on women leaders in Philippi. Nijay, you mention that most of the apostles were men and that this reflects the patriarchal society. Apostles were, by definition, travellers. It seems to me that it would have been unsafe and/or scandalous for women to travel, except in the company of male members of their households. Does this fully explain why so few apostles were women? I am wondering whether the lack of women apostles says more about the dangers of travel than it does about patriarchy in the church. Can you think of examples of women travellers in the ancient world?

    I don’t think we can say whether Lydia is mentioned in Philippians. All we can say is that she is not mentioned there by that name.

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