New Books on My Desk (Gupta)

Today is my first day at my new office at George Fox Seminary. Very excited to be here!

I was happy to see a stack of book packages waiting for me. I will say more about these later when I have properly read them or significant portions of them, but here are the basics.

C. Marvin Pate, Apostle of the Last Days: The Life, Letters, and Theology of Paul (Kregel, 2013). I will be reviewing this for Expository Times, but just a word now to say Pate’s earlier works helped me along in seminary to better understand NT eschatology.

David I. Starling, UnCorinthian Leadership (Cascade, 2014). A nice short work for leaders.

Mark Taylor, 1 Corinthians NAC (B & H, 2014) – very excited about this one! Can’t wait to dig in!

Greg W. Forbes, 1 Peter (Exegetical Guide to the Greek NT series; B & H, 2014). Looking forward to seeing how Forbes handles Verbal Aspect.

Kay H. Smith et al, ed., Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations (IVP, 2014). I heard about this pub early on from Dan Hawk. Contributors include Randy Woodley (my colleague), Amos Young, Gene Green, and John Franke, and many others. The volume honors Richard Twiss who passed away in 2013.

Scot McKnight, Kingdom Conspiracy – not coming out until later in the fall, but Scot and Brazos were kind enough the let me have a sneak-peek – I read the first chapter today. Scot has his finger on the pulse of Christianity in America today and he is a doctor that tells it straight. This incisive and challenging work will be very useful to current and future church leaders.

Craig Farmer, ed. John 1-12, Reformation Commentary on Scripture (IVP, 2014). This is a great series and I love the Fourth Gospel, so excited to see what the Reformers have to say. This is a huge volume of over 500 pages (for just 12 chapters of John).


2 thoughts on “New Books on My Desk (Gupta)

  1. Hi I have been reading your crux sola via email for a long while, But for some reasons, I stop receiving them Can you please resume sending to me but to my other email address as follow


    Blessings Paul

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