Reminder: JSPL 4.1 Issue on N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Gupta)

I wanted to post a quick reminder about our Spring (4.1) issue of Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters. It was mailed out to subscribers a while back, but since I just moved, my copies arrived recently. This issue is a major review of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God. We managed to line-up an excellent group of reviewers including Thomas Schreiner, Michael Gorman, David Starling, Martinus de Boer, Markus Bockmuehl, and Beverly Gaventa. While each reviewer offered praise for Wright’s work, there are some really eye-opening critiques and perspectives.

We were also very delighted to have Wright respond to the critiques in his own 15+ page response essay. While I know that there are other review issues in the works for other journals, we wanted to offer something early and robust. I think we accomplished that. So, if you want to get your hands on this issue and even make a subscription to JSPL, go over to Eisenbrauns

This past summer, Mike Bird and I turned over editorship of the journal to Stanley Porter and his colleague Christopher Land. Mike and I look forward to remaining on the editorial board as essay reviewers and we eagerly anticipate how the journal will grow and mature in the hands of the new editors.

4 thoughts on “Reminder: JSPL 4.1 Issue on N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Gupta)

  1. Congrats on a thoroughly enjoyable and informative volume. While it was a largely secondary issues, the discussion between Gaventa and Wright over the meaning of ‘prevaricate’ was worth the price of admission!

  2. Hi Nijay, I’m rather new at this – but is it possible to get backdated copies of JSPL, such as 4.1, if one were to subscribe today? Or is it possible to purchase a single edition of the journal? Just beginning further study in the NT, and realize this journal would come in very useful. Hoping to recommend it to my seminary too. Cheers.

    1. Hi Minghui – I am no longer editor and I am out of touch now with the situation. I would contact the publisher, Eisenbrauns, directly. Glad that you are interested in the journal.

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