Give to ALS – Who Cares If It’s a Fad? Check Out My Video (Gupta)

I recently did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Since it has been around for a while, I have seen some folks complain about the challenge, saying it is faddish (and done for fun rather than compassion) or that it is not generating money. I’m with those who say that it is better to give and try and make it better, rather than judge and complain. 

So, give, give, give. Who cares if it is a fad? At the very least we can let this fad change lives, and we can work and pray for miracles in ALS treatment. No one in my family has ALS, but we do have serious medical issues to contend with and it means the world to me for others to care, support, and give.

Without further ado, here is my video (pardon the screaming…)