Latest (Sept 2014) Issue of JSNT – Martin, deSilva, and more (Gupta)

Very excited about the Sept 2014 issue of JSNT, especially the essay by David deSilva who is currently working on a large commentary on Galatians (NICNT, revision).

Dale Martin, “Jesus in Jerusalem: Armed and Not Dangerous”

David deSilva, “Grace, the Law, and Justification in 4 Ezra and the Pauline Letters: A Dialogue”

C. Andrew Ballard, “Tongue-tied and Taunted: Paul, Poor Rhetoric, and Paltry Leadership in 2 Cor 5:13”

Brian Glenney and John T. Noble, “Perception and Prosopagnosia in Mark 8.22-26”

Jeffrey M. Tripp, “A Tale of Two Riots: The synkrisis of the Temples of Ephesus and Jerusalem in Acts 19-23″



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