A Big Fall 2014 for Pauline Commentaries (Gupta)

It has proven to be a big fall for Pauline commentaries:

Gordon Fee’s acclaimed NICNT volume on 1 Corinthians has been revised. If you don’t already own it, this is a great reason to get it.

Mark Seifrid has written the Pillar volume of 2 Corinthians and it is out now.

Ralph Martin’s 2 Corinthians WBC has also seen a new edition, released in late October.

Hot off the press is Jeffrey Weima’s BEC commentary – this will be an exegetical force to be reckoned with – few scholars in the world have invested more time and energy in studying the Thessalonian correspondence than Weima. This will, no doubt, become the standard go-to work for evangelicals. (We also eagerly await the delayed release of Karl Donfried’s ICC volume on 1-2 Thessalonians; does anyone know what happened with that? Furthermore, we are anticipating a Hermeneia volume on these letters from the octogenarian Helmut Koester)

And I should also mention Christopher Seitz’s Colossians commentary just came out in the Brazos series.

5 thoughts on “A Big Fall 2014 for Pauline Commentaries (Gupta)

    1. More on Romans ??? … please drop a few more crumbs as to forthcoming Romans commentaries and authors 🙂 Definitely looking forward to Fee, Seifrid and Weima. Thanks.

  1. Arh..that’s right. Thank you for the reminder. Just remembered he published what may well serve as the introduction to the commentary awhile back – which means the bulk of the commentary can be devoted to interaction with the text itself.

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