Secret Festschrift for Douglas Moo Now Presented (Gupta)

Apparently yesterday (I was not there) at the Evangelical Theological Society Douglas Moo (Wheaton) was presented with a festschrift (honorific writing). The editors (Matt Harmon and Jay Smith) and contributors did a great job of keeping this secret because details are nowhere to be found on the internet! Moo is a good guy (with whom I disagree much!), and well-deserving of this honor.

From news on Facebook, here are some details I gathered.

Studies in the Pauline Epistles, ed. Harmon and Smith, published by Zondervan.

Contributors include:

GK Beale

Craig Blomberg

Ardel Caneday

D.A. Carson

James D.G. Dunn

Jonathan Moo (!)

Dane Ortlund

Thomas Schreiner

Mark Seifrid

Verlyn Verbrugge

Chris Vlachos

Stephen Westerholm

N.T. Wright

Robert Yarbrough


3 thoughts on “Secret Festschrift for Douglas Moo Now Presented (Gupta)

  1. why the exclamation mark next to Jonathan Moo’s name? Something wrong with him contributing to the festschrift?

    1. Quite the opposite! Actually, Jonathan is a good friend of mine and we went to seminary together. I am actually very touched that Doug could have his son honor him in this way. In fact, I cannot imagine a greater honor.

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