A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion – A Series is Born (Gupta)

BurgeSome of you may remember a fun little book from a few years ago called A Week in the Life of Corinth by Ben Witherington (IVP). Well, I really liked it and I know others that did as well, even using it as a textbook. Apparently the idea of using a historical fiction as a teaching tool was so appealing that this was the beginnings of a whole series of “A Week in the Life…”

Today I happened to stumble on a forthcoming volume in this series by Gary Burge called A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion (IVP, May 2015). Burge is a great choice for this, an excellent writer and someone well-informed about the first century Jewish and Greco-Roman world. I have to say that I really look forward to reading these kinds of books (my students love Lost Letters of Pergamum by Bruce Longenecker). Can’t wait!

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