Luke, Luke, and More Luke! (Gupta)

There are some very excellent academic commentaries on Luke out there (I have often relied on Green, Bock, and Nolland), but it is nice to see some forthcoming books that examine the work of the Third Evangelist from pastoral and theological perspectives.

Justo Gonzalez, The Story Luke Tells: Luke’s Unique Witness to the Gospel (Eerdmans, March, 2015). This is an accessible thematic study, under 150 pages.

Mikeal Parsons, Luke (Paideia; Baker, Feb, 2015). The Paideia series has really impressed me so far with several remarkable contributions, including an outstanding future volume from Peter Oakes on Galatians. But I am also excited about Parsons’ work because he has clearly distinguished himself as a capable Lukan scholar. These commentaries are great for students, because they are easy to read, they are able to trace wider theological themes, and they are written by recognized experts.

I should also add to this list a forthcoming”mid-level” commentary for pastors – James R. Edwards’ The Gospel according to Luke for Pillar (Eerdmans, coming April 2015).


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