Issue 4.2 of “Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters” and New Directions (Gupta)

Recently I received my copy of issue 4.2 of Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters (fall issue; Eisenbrauns) – if you do not already know, Mike Bird and I were the first co-editors of the journal, and beginning with issue 4.2 the editorship has passed to Stanley Porter and Christopher Land. Stan gives a nice brief history of the journal, a word about its growth and strength, and his hopes for the future – in particular he hopes that this journal will be a place where we will see essays that will break new ground. I hope so!

This issue has essays that came in while I was still editor, so I am quite happy to see them published – Paul and ecotheology, Paul and letter-carriers, Psalm 16:10 and 1 Corinthians 15:4, Beliar in 2 Cor 6:15, Torah in Antioch, Romans 16:17-20 and Satan, the Colossian Hymn. A feast of readings!

Just a reminder, this journal is a steal – $30 (US residents; $35 outside US) for an individual subscription. Contact Eisenbrauns to order.

Also, please think about making a submission – JSPL has extremely high standards (be warned!), but what a great place to have your scholarship!