Well That Didn’t Take Long. An Interesting Response to Stephen Young (Skinner)

On Friday I predicted that there would be a forthcoming “robust response” to Stephen Young’s article on inerrantist protective strategies. This weekend several friends pointed me to a rambling, mostly incoherent response at a site called “Triablogue.” I shudder to point readers to this site for fear that this poster will experience a rise in his daily stats and thereby believe that he is reaching the masses with ludicrous response. Still, it is an entertaining, if not disturbing read. At the very least, Stephen should thank this individual for giving him more data on which to base his research.


8 thoughts on “Well That Didn’t Take Long. An Interesting Response to Stephen Young (Skinner)

    1. FT,
      That’s interesting. So what’s the blog and all of the ranting about then? It looks like he has set up his blog to be an apologetics center of sorts. So….if he’s not trying to reach people, then what’s all of that about? Just curious.

      1. I think he just doesn’t care all that much whether he is popular. Clearly anyone who sets up a blog is interested in sharing ideas, arguments, etc. to *some* extent. But I never got the impression, from both the subjects he selects and how he writes about them, that was going to look at his stats and tailor his posts based on what gets hits. I mean, he took a lot of fire from certain Reformed Baptists for his series critiquing hard-line cessationists, including being removed from a couple popular Evangelical blogrolls.

        In any case, I’m interested in what you thought was wrong with Hays’ comments, if you have the time to expand on your initial post. No worries if you’re too busy, of course. 🙂

  1. I second (or third) FT’s comment. Steve Hays at Triablogue doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He simply writes whatever he wants to write, come what may. He’s got a long history of having upset everyone from atheists to Catholics to evangelicals to fellow Reformed Christians, etc. In this respect, even though he may rub many people the wrong way, you have to admire someone who sticks to his guns, writes what he believes in wherever the chips may fall, and cares not a whit what anyone thinks of him.

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