Contest to Win Peter Oakes’ Galatians Commentary FREE (Gupta)

Alright folks – I got an extra copy of Peter Oakes’ brand new Galatians commentary (Baker, 2015) and I am giving it away for free.

But wait a second, this is a contest. Here are the rules:

#1: What would Paul Tweet? Make your own summary “tweet” of Galatians and Tweet it. Accurate summaries are decent. Clever summaries of Galatians are better! (No cheating by linking Twitter to a blog, website, etc. to buy more characters!)

#2: Use these two hashtags in your tweet –  #Galatians #WWPT (as in, “What Would Paul Tweet”)

#3: Copy your tweet into a comment on this post, along with the US state you live in. While everyone is welcome to tweet (please do!), I can only give the book away to someone in the contiguous US.

#4: Deadline is April 24 by 11:59PM PST

39 thoughts on “Contest to Win Peter Oakes’ Galatians Commentary FREE (Gupta)

  1. Ah, Dr Gupta, yer killin’ me! What about those of us who’ve still been able to avoid tweeting?

  2. Paul’s tweet:

    Congregants should leave their cell phones in their car and dress respectively. Beachwear is inappropriate as is leaving the service early to drop by the liquor store and be home for the 1 PM football game.

  3. Ὦ ἀνόητοι Γαλάται τίς ὑμᾶς ἐβάσκανεν…ὁ σπείρων εἰς τὴν σάρκα, θερίσει φθοράν, ὁ δὲ σπείρων εἰς τὸ πνεῦμα…ζωὴν αἰώνιον #Galatians #WWPT

    For the purposes of this contest, I’m in MA (Barnstable, if you want me to be more precise).

  4. I tried clever but all my attempts look lame, so I will go for accurate (I hope!): #Galatians #WWPT The apocalpyse has happened! A sinner like me no longer wants to live for myself or the law but for Christ crucified!

  5. The removal of division in the body and the sufficiency of undiluted participation in Christ. Basically, NPP over Luther 😉 #Galatians #WWPT

    I tried.

  6. If new perspective it’s culture markers
    If old no good works
    If Hays it’s of Christ
    In Christ if it’s not
    We get in by grace
    And no one is cut

  7. Revision/New York State

    New perspective it’s markers
    Old it’s good works
    If Hays it’s of Christ
    In Christ if it’s not
    Grace for all; no one is cut
    #Galatians #WWPT

  8. Like the Blues Brothers, I’m on a mission from God. Like Willie Nelson, I’m on the road again. The promise of Christ is I will rise again. #Galatians #WWPT #140characters

  9. sadly, I’m without a tweeter…

    “If you want to be a real Jew, enter Christ. No ethnic barriers, just faith working through love (by the Spirit).”
    #Galatians #WWPT

    Atlanta, GA

  10. @taylorswift13 – Remembering that time Me and bae were in Ephesus. #Wearenevereverevergettingbacktogether #WWPT #Galatians

  11. “@AlexSmi122: Yall STILL don’t get grace?! The next person to advocate for the law over grace will get CUT! #Galatians #WWPT @paulredux”

    I live in Chicago, IL!

  12. “Pick one: Circumcision and a week of soreness. Or, a law-free gospel of faith, freedom, and life in the Spirit”. #Galatians #WWPT

  13. Want to see the true 9 marks of a healthy church? Check out my body. No seriously. Gal. 6:17 #WWPT #Galatians

  14. Hey Galatians-let’s live in the freedom with have in Christ and not in rules that enslave us. Unfollow untruth! #Galatians #WWPT @paulredux From Chicago, IL

  15. Jesus crucified, flesh fossilized. Peter petrified, ate with circumcised. Law victimized, now Spirit-faith-love emphasized. #Galatians #WWPT

    Chicago, IL

    1. EDIT!

      Law-Free =/= Sin-Full. Put down the knife and take up the Cross. #WWPT #Galatians

      Chicago, IL

  16. Hey churches: You guys aren’t walking away from my gospel, you’re walking away from God’s. Walk in Christ like you used to. #Galatians #WWPT

    Brighton, MI

  17. #Galatians #WWPT: Gentile or Jew, Jesus &His message is 4 YOU!!! We’re all in this 2gether & Law’s not really a code its more of a guideline

    –Chicago, IL & Bonus points if you can name the two movies quoted above!!!

  18. What’s this?!? Trading Jesus for law, unity for division, & gospel for no-gospel? Surely not! Be free & serve good fruits. #Galatians #WWPT

    Chicago, IL and up to my eyeballs in seminary at NPTS

  19. Christ death bring deliverance. Deceivers distort freedom. Paul defends-debates don’t b deceived. Devised 2 b divine-Do it! #galatians #WWPT

    I live in Houston, TX

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