Winner of Oakes Galatians Twitter Contest is… (Gupta)


Last week I posted a contest to win Peter Oakes’ new Galatians commentary (Baker, 2015; Paideia series). You had to tweet the message of Galatians in a clever way using the hashtags #WWPT and #Galatians. We had nearly 30 participants, many good entries! The WINNER is:

“Jesus crucified, flesh fossilized. Peter petrified, ate with circumcised. Law victimized, now Spirit-faith-love emphasized.”

It is accurate and rhymes!

Thank you Jeremy Falk. You can contact me with your mailing address through my work email address which you can find here. Congrats to Jeremy, and thanks to all the participants!

Just a reminder – whether you get it free (like Jeremy) or not, be sure to get a copy of Peter Oakes’ Galatians commentary. It is a must-have.


4 thoughts on “Winner of Oakes Galatians Twitter Contest is… (Gupta)

  1. Congrats Jeremy! So glad a North Park seminarian won the commentary! And many thanks again, Nijay, for sponsoring the contest. Cheers to the winner and all the contestants!

      1. What a small world! Give Jim and Kris my greetings! Though Baptist ordained, I’m very grateful to be swimming in Cov circles myself. So glad that you found the Cov church a good place for you and your family to worship and serve. Best, Max

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