My apology to Charles Quarles (Skinner)

I wanted to take a moment to offer a public apology to Professor Charles Quarles.  Earlier this week I posted about a place in his recent book in which it appeared that he had inadvertently made anti-Semitic comments. A good amount of discussion took place both in support of and opposed to my original reading of the text. Professor Quarles has taken the time to explain himself here on this blog, in the comments section of the original post. Therefore, in response I have taken down the original post and I offer him my unconditional apology for any harm this may have caused him personally or professionally.


2 thoughts on “My apology to Charles Quarles (Skinner)

  1. I am grateful for your kind apology. I gladly accept and joyfully forgive. I have received far too much mercy from Christ to withhold mercy from another.

    I commend you for this unexpected gesture. Such apologies have become sadly rare even when most appropriate. Thus I interpret the apology as a mark of humility and integrity.

    Charles L. Quarles

  2. Chris,
    After reading the original blogpst, I am truly overjoyed that you and Charles were able to have this discussion and able to come to clarity on this issue. In a world that is often defined by the opposite, you both have set an excellent example of (Christian) maturity. Thanks to both of you for what you do. God’s best to you both, Douglas

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