Joel Watts Reviews My Reading John (Skinner)

Reading JohnI just happened across Joel Watts’ very sympathetic review of my recently published book, Reading John. He seems to get what I am trying to do with the book and also understands that my primary goal is to reach the non-specialist. Thanks for the kind review, Joel!

Willie Jennings Moving to Yale (Skinner)

Willie JenningsThis morning I read the news that Dr. Willie Jennings will be leaving Duke and joining the faculty of Yale Divinity School this upcoming academic year. Last fall we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Jennings for our annual Vivian Harrison Lectures here at Mount Olive, at which he spoke on the “Risks of Being Christian in America.” Dr. Jennings is exceptionally bright and articulate, and was especially kind to those in our crowd who seemed unsympathetic to his thesis. Much of the material from his lectures was drawn from his book, The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race (Yale University Press, 2011). In addition to his previous accolades, Dr. Jennings was also a Grawemeyer Award winner for 2015. We want to wish him congratulations on his impending move! I’m certain that Yale’s gain will be Duke’s loss.