Video: NT Wright and Peter Thiel Dialogue about Innovation, Progress, and the Future (Gupta)

Fascinating video here from the Veritas Forum, a dialogue between NT Wright and Entrepreneur Peter Thiel about technology, history, progress, the future, religion and science/technology, and so forth. Perhaps what impressed me most was how well read both these speakers are on many topics beyond their “specialty.” I wonder who would win at Trivial Pursuit, or Jeopardy?

If you don’t know who Peter Thiel is (I didn’t until I googled him), have a look at his Wikipedia page. He is a fascinating person to say the least. Also, he is not afraid to disagree bluntly with Wright. Great video!

One thought on “Video: NT Wright and Peter Thiel Dialogue about Innovation, Progress, and the Future (Gupta)

  1. Thanks, Nijay, for this fascinating video. At times, though, I was left wondering what planet they are on. Neither took note of the fact that the entrepreneurship and technology Mr. Thiel was extolling have brought the planet to the brink of extinction. He wants to bring about limitless life extension, yet the planet already has far more humans than it can support, and whole species of fish are dying all over the world. Regarding nature, their comments were misdirected. Mr. Thiel stated that the word “nature” is nowhere mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures. Be that as it may, in the Bible the natural world is a place for stewardship. Adam and Eve were put in the garden to till it and keep it, not to run roughshod over it, which we have done to our frightful peril. I found it illuminating that Mr. Theil dissed horror movies, where especially in their early 20th century iterations, the central theme was that we exist within certain limits, we are humans and not God, and we wreak disaster upon ourselves when we ignore those realities. However, if Mr. Theil can break the boundaries of nature, I wish he would resurrect William Stringfellow. How we need his voice on technology and capitalism as principalities and powers of darkness!

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