Sept 2015 JSNT on Old in the New (Gupta)

The Sept 2015 issue of Journal for the Study of the New Testament is on one of my favorite themes – the use of the OT in the NT. Contributors to this issue include Leroy Huizenga, Craig Evans, Gert Steyn, Rikki Watts, Timothy H. Lim, and Susan Docherty. Also, Paul Foster offers a strong critique of those attracted to Richard Hays’ approach to intertextuality – Foster is wary of the detection of echoes and allusions of OT texts in the NT, wondering whether much of it is modern creative theological interpretation (which he thinks is fine if recognized as such) rather than something that can be methodologically linked back to the mind and intentions of the original author. Despite my deep appreciation of Hays’ work (and general agreement with it), I sympathize with Foster’s concerns, even if he exaggerates the weaknesses of the ‘Haysian method’. This is worth a read.


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