Oct 2015 issue of Interpretation on Economic Justice (Gupta)

The latest issue of Interpretation is on economic justice (Oct 2015)

“The Justice Imperative in Scripture” (Samuel L Adams)

“You Shall Not Bow Down and Serve Them: Economic Justice in the Bible” (Richard Horsley)

“How Economic Inequity is a Theological and Moral Issue” (Douglas Hicks)

“Poverty, Politics, and Faithful Witness in the Age of Humanitarianism” (Luke Bretherton)

Sermons by folks like Michael Barram and Warren Carter.

In the reviews Todd Penner reviews Joel Green and Lee Martin McDonald’s (edited) The World of the New Testament and Andrew Das reviews Doug Moo’s Galatians commentary.

I read a few of the essays and Horsley’s in particular struck me as one that would be fun to use in a college or seminary course.


Six Years Blogging (Skinner)

BlogI wasn’t really paying attention, but when I got to my office, wordpress.com had sent me a “Happy Anniversary” message. Six years ago today, unemployed with a PhD in hand (and living with a wife and three kids in my in-laws’ home), I started my first blog, PEJE IESOUS. I spent the first four and a half years blogging there and have spent the last year and a half here on Crux Sola, blogging with Nijay.

I’m not sure how “successful” I am or have been as a blogger as it is only one small piece of my life as an academic. However, I have enjoyed it and it has served as a way for me to flesh out ideas and interact with those in the field. I would say, “here’s to six more years,” but I wonder if biblioblogs will even be around then(?). Who knows how things will have changed by 2021? So, instead I’ll say, “Here’s to tomorrow!”