Latest Currents in Biblical Research Oct 2015 – wow! (Gupta)

Looks to be a very interesting issue of CBR published this month (Oct, 2015). Especially interested in the articles by Samuel Emadi (intertexuality), Mark Boda (Hebrew poetry and ethics), Darian Lockett (Catholic Epistles), Steve Walton (Gospels genre), and Sara Ronis (Intermediary beings in Judaism)! 

Samuel Emadi, “Intertextuality in New Testament Scholarship: Significance, Criteria, and the Art of Intertextual Reading”

David G, Garber, Jr., “Trauma Theory and Biblical Studies”

Mark J. Boda, “Poethics? The Use of Biblical Hebrew Poetry in Ethical Reflection on the Old Testament”

Darian R. Lockett, “Are the Catholic Epistles a Canonically Significant Collection? A Status Quaestionis”

Steve Walton, “What Are the Gospels? Richard Burridge’s Impact on Scholarly Understanding of the Genre of the Gospel”

Sara Ronis, “Intermediary Beings in Late Antique Judaism: A History of Scholarship”