Marianne Meye Thompson – On the Writing of a Theological Commentary on John (Gupta)

A1_JohnOn Nov 9, 2015, Archives Bookshop and Fuller Seminary hosted a celebratory evening with Dr. Marianne Meye Thompson honoring the publication of her new commentary, John: A Commentary (WJK, 2015).

Today I saw that the audio has been posted for the talk by Dr. Thompson. I loved hearing about the history of this work, and her thoughts on the art and exegesis of commentary-writing, as well as select insights on what makes John tick.

Just to give you a taste, she explains that the driving question behind her research and writing was:

“What is the witness of this gospel as we have it?”

Would that we model this disposition!

Well, the talk is full of wisdom, humor, and encouragement. Check it out