Helmut Koester: 1926-2016 (Skinner)

KoesterProf. Helmut Koester passed away at the beginning of this new year. I know this was mentioned on social media in numerous places over the weekend but I had not yet had an opportunity to mention it here. I never got a chance to meet Prof. Koester in person but I read a great deal of his work while writing my dissertation and always had profound respect for his scholarship. In fact, the very first footnote in my dissertation references his important articles, ““Dialog und Spruchüberlieferung in den gnostischen Texten von Nag Hammadi,” EvT 39 (1979): 532-56,” and “ΓΝΩΜΑΙ ΔΙΑΦΟΡΟΙ: The Origin and Nature of Diversification in the History of Early Christianity,” HTR 58 (1965): 297-318.” It is safe to describe Koester as a giant in our field. Prof. Koester served on the faculty of Harvard Divinity School in some capacity since 1958 and was the longtime editor of the Harvard Theological Review (1975-1999). You can read more about his passing here.


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