Festschrift for Telford and Barton now available (Gupta)



A couple of days ago, a colleague asked me, “Nijay, don’t you have a book coming out this week?” I replied – “no…I don’t think so.” Actually, he was right; it had slipped my mind that the Festschrift I co-edited (with Kristian Bendoraitis) was officially released yesterday! I think I lost track of the publication date because I had already received my editor copy, so I assumed it was already out. Well, now it’s official!

I have talked about this before, so I will just briefly reiterate that Dr. Stephen Barton and Dr. William Telford are well-deserving of this honour and tribute. They are both deeply respected as scholars and cherished as warm and gracious mentors and teachers.

Check out the T &T Clark page here: Matthew and Mark Across Perspectives


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