Tim Gombis on Rom-Eph Commentaries (Gupta)

My buddy Tim Gombis gives his take on building your pastoral library for Pauline commentaries – Romans-Ephesians. This is a good list. I echo nearly all his recommendations – I would just add Stephen Fowl’s Ephesians commentary (NTL), and also he does not mention Ben Witherington and I particularly appreciate Witherington’s works on 1-2 Corinthians and Ephesians. In Witherington’s body of work, I believe his commentaries are my favorite contributions he has made to scholarship.

Also, I concur with Gombis that David Garland has written a spectacular 1 Corinthians commentary for BECNT (Baker), but I would also add that Garland’s 2 Corinthians commentary (NAC) is excellent (Gombis does not mention the 2 Cor volume).

Thanks, Tim!


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