Video: Hays and Wright on Good News and Good Life (Gupta)

A thoughtful conversation with two wonderful New Testament theologians, N.T. Wright and Richard Hays. I owe a debt in about equal measure to their two streams of scholarship. This discussion is entitled: “The Good News and the Good Life.” Enjoy!

Evening Conversation with N.T. Wright and Richard Hays from The Trinity Forum on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Video: Hays and Wright on Good News and Good Life (Gupta)

  1. I love N T Wright in so many ways, but I am a bit intrigued by Duke Divinity School’s staging of the event so that the speakers are surrounded by a halo of white stars on blue background and appearing to have wings of red and white stripes Yup, center stage when the speakers aren’t at the mic is old glory, not to be confused with that of YahWeh. I’m hoping it wasn’t the influence of the powers of the air that lead Tom through an implied apologetic affirmation of Constantine and his influence at about minute 29:19. Is no critique of Constantinianism worth considering? What do you all think?

  2. OK, the Constantinian reference must have been a sort of foreshadowing of his critique of recent problems created by the western complicity in the Arab Spring fiascos (min. 30:00). Still, Constantinian Christianity doesn’t exactly sync up with NTW’s portrayal of Jesus’ kind of kingdom (with which I largely agree), so I’m not sure it was a coherent message Tom sent.

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