Video: Mike Bird on “Apocalyptic Paul” (Gupta)

For your viewing pleasure, watch this lecture video of Mike Bird’s take on the so-called “Apocalyptic Paul” – those of you who know his view, fast forward to the Q&A for Mike’s thoughts on American cheese, American measurement system, and Donald Trump. And something about Billy Ocean.


7 thoughts on “Video: Mike Bird on “Apocalyptic Paul” (Gupta)

  1. Michael Bird is a more intelligent and less fanatical fellow than Paul ever was, thank God.

    As for Michael’s praise of Paul, it’s not the parts of Paul I don’t understand, but the parts I do understand, some of his plainest statements, that make him appear like the leader of an apocalyptic end times cult, perhaps even one of the folks who patented how to form a successful cult and who taught members how to control one another via a combination of emotional blackmail and sky high promises. Paul predicted in plain words that “the Lord” was going to return within the lifetime of members of the churches in which he preached. His letters are also filled with signs of manic-depression and other cult-like tropes that one can find in cults even today:

    Here are Paul’s false predictions:

    Here are examples of Paul’s cult-like thinking:

  2. It sometimes feels to me as if Mike is trying too hard to play for comedic effect. In my opinion, this detracts from his overall presentation. One can be humorous and entertaining in the context of a presentation, but his humor (or attempts at humor) come across as overkill (again, in my humble opinion). Also, what’s his obsession with American politics?

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