Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews – Barclay Collection (Gupta)

Barclay Diaspora

I would like to commend to you the Eerdmans-release essay-collection by John M.G. Barclay, Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews (Eerdmans, 2016). When I was a student in Durham, Prof. Barclay was my second advisor and I had the cherished opportunity to work a bit with him in my second year. I made a commitment to track down all the essays and articles he had written and read them – I didn’t quite make it, but I read a whole lot!

Here we have almost twenty important essays bound together, some which have become quite paradigm-shifting, such as his “Why the Roman Empire Was Insignificant to Paul.” Other essays, while less well-known, have inspired my own work, such as Barclay’s “Snarling Sweetly: A Study of Josephus and Idolatry,” and “Thessalonica and Corinth: Social Contrasts in Pauline Christianity.”

I think that Barclay has been rightly recognized as a leading scholar in NT studies precisely because he has dedicated his academic work to making sense of early Christianity in its own time and context. When I write – *ahem*, try to write – articles for publication in elite journals, Barclay’s work is my benchmark. Go and do likewise.


3 thoughts on “Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews – Barclay Collection (Gupta)

  1. Nijay, are the essays of this volume the same as the WUNT volume of the same title? (Guessing it is, since Eerdmans seems to republish certain WUNT volumes from time to time.) I ask since I own the WUNT volume. What a privilege to study under Barclay!

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