New Editors of NIGTC: Still and Goodacre (Gupta)

The news has just come from Eerdmans that the NIGTC commentary series has named two new editors: Mark Goodacre and Todd Still. Todd I know very well – a first-rate Paulinist –  and I have followed Mark’s blog and his research for many years. These are outstanding choices for the series leadership. The NIGTC has a great reputation, under the previous editorship of Donald Hagner and Howard Marshall. I think of RT France’s Mark, Thiselton’s 1 Corinthians, Dunn’s Colossians, and Beale’s Revelation.

My hope for the NIGTC in the future, especially under this excellent new leadership, is the acquisition of female authors and authors of color -and I am sure this will be a concern for Still and Goodacre as guild leaders. Looking forward to great things to come from NIGTC!


2 thoughts on “New Editors of NIGTC: Still and Goodacre (Gupta)

  1. I wonder what these appointments suggest about the future direction of the series, whose leadership and contributors have historically aligned with broader evangelicalism — not that the volumes themselves were written only to cater to that constituency. In that respect, Todd’s appointment makes sense to me. But I don’t normally think of Mark in such terms.

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