Sermon: Living in Hope – 1 Thess 4:13-18 (Gupta)

I had the privilege and pleasure of preaching at West Hills Covenant Church on March 5, 2017. The sermon is now available on audio if you are interested.

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Mohr Siebeck “Historical and Theological Lexicon of the LXX” (Gupta)

I am very excited about the planned dictionary set from Mohr Siebeck called Historical and Theological Lexicon of the Septuagint. Here is the description:

HTLSEdited by Eberhard Bons and Jan Joosten (Université de Strasbourg)

This large-scale collective and interdisciplinary project will aim to produce a new research tool: a multi-volume dictionary giving an article of between 2 and 10 pages (around 500 articles in all) for each important word or word group of the Septuagint. Filling an important gap in the fields of ancient philology and religious studies, the dictionary will be based on original research of the highest scientific level.

The dictionary will be published in English. The project will cover about a decade. The objective is to publish a first volume of 500 pages in 2017. At least three other volumes of the same size should follow over the years 2017-21.