Scripture and Its Interpretation (Baker) – Book Notice (Gupta)


This is a book I have been wanting for a long time. I teach a biblical hermeneutics and exegesis course where I want students to think through different modes of reading and also different perspectives. This is perfect -and I absolutely love the cover!

From a variety of contributors, this book introduces everything from African and Asian biblical interpretation to Latino/a, Catholic, Orthodox, and Pentecostal readings. There are also handy essays on theological interpretation, and how Scripture relates to such topics as spirituality, politics, ethics, and mission. I am excited to see a very diverse group of contributors, not only from different faith traditions but diverse perspectives in terms of gender, ethnicity, and location. Congrats to Michael Gorman (editor) and the contributors. [Easter egg: my co-blogger Chris has a nice essay in here on noncanonical writings related to the Bible. I guess they weren’t interested in my suggested essay, “Keeping Bible-reading ‘Portland’ Weird”]


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