What Did Jesus Look Like? (Gupta)

What Did Jesus LoBook Cover.jpgok Like? By Dr. Joan E. Taylor

I am experimenting with short (5 min) video reviews. Let me know if you like the format – and you can give comments or ask questions here on the blog, or on my FB Scholar Page:



5 thoughts on “What Did Jesus Look Like? (Gupta)

  1. Sorry, I never have the patience to watch videos. Reading is faster and won’t disturb the person at my side

  2. I have watched it. It is very interesting. Thanks for putting in this amount of effort to prepare and record and edit and upload the video! On my part, watching it took more out of me than if I were reading, even though I think I more remember some of what you said in the piece. than if I had read a review of similar length. I imagine you will be highly selective as to which books will receive such a visual treatment?

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