Academic Books I Want to Read 2018-2019 (Gupta)

I was recently asked what books I have my eye on and want to get for SBL/Christmas[/Valentine’s Day?]. This covers the next six months or so.

Luke Timothy Johnson, Miracles. Interpretation. WJK, Jul 2018.

Michael Gorman, Abide and Go: Missional Theosis in the Gospel of John


Wipf and Stock, Jul 2018.

David deSilva, The Letter to the Galatians. NICNT repl. Eerdmans, August 2018.

Louise J. Lawrence, The Bible and Bedlam: Madness, Sanism, and NT Interpretation. T&T Clark, Aug 2018. looks to be a fascinating study of mental illness and “sanism” assumptions in the Bible and today.

Rowan Human

Rowan Williams, Being Human: Bodies, Minds, Persons. Eerdmans, Sept 2018. Loved his previous books in this series.

Adam Winn, Reading Mark’s Christology under Caesar, Sept 2018. Extra points for a beautiful cover!Winn.jpg

Craig Blomberg, A New Testament Theology. Baylor Press, Oct 2018. 

Donald Hagner, How New is the New Testament. Baker, Oct 2018.

C. Clifton Black, The Lord’s Prayer. Interpretation. WJK, Nov 2018.


Gerhard Lohfink, The Our Father: A New Reading, Liturgical, Jan 2019.

Preaching Romans: Four Perspectives (ed. Scot McKnight and Joseph Modica). Eerdmans, Feb 2019. The four views are: Reformational, New Perspective, Apocalyptic, and Participationistic.