Keener’s Galatians Commentary: Giveaway (Gupta)

KeenerGood news! I have a copy of Craig Keener’s brand new Galatians commentary (Baker, 2019) that I am going to give away. But this giveaway does require a bit of participation. Since I am blogging through a series on women, I thought we could also focus this giveaway on that theme.

Who is your favorite woman theologian or Bible scholar and why, and which work do you most appreciate? (or it can be a quick word about a female theologian you are reading now that you find intellectually stimulating)

Comment on the blog with the name of the female scholar, a key work, and why you admire her. (see some rules below)

I had a chance to chat with Craig Keener today about this. Craig has long supported and encouraged women in ministry and the academy. I asked him which female scholar he has appreciated lately, and he mentioned Cherith Fee Nordling. Good choice, Craig!

Guidelines and Rules:

  • Leave a comment on the blog with: name of female Bible scholar/theologian, a key work, and why you appreciate her
  • You can enter only once
  • Comments/entries must be on the blog, not social media. You are welcome to also mention favorites on social media, but for it to “count,” it has to be on the blog (so I don’t miss any entries)
  • Geographic Limitations: I can only give the book away to someone in the contiguous United States. Anyone can leave a comment, but the winner of the book must be in the contiguous USA. [Sorry to my overseas friends; please mention you are overseas if you choose to leave a comment]
  • Payment for Shipping: I will ask the winner to pay for shipping. Keep in mind, Keener’s commentary is over 800 pages and hardcover. You can pay me via check, Venmo, or hand me $$$ at SBL/AAR. I know this seems like an expensive giveaway, but otherwise I have to pay shipping out of my pocket. (If you live in Oregon, you are welcome to come pick it up for free!)
  • I will end the giveaway next Friday, 11:59PM PST (May 31).
  • The winner will be selected at random
  • If there are less than 5 comments, the giveaway will be postponed to another occasion.